• Accounting

    We offer a range of book keeping options from the fully serviced full book generation service, to the lightest touch of input, checking only your input status. Prices range from a one off fee to a yearly package.

  • H.R & Employment

    From Human resources strategies to specialist assistance at Employment Tribunals, we are able to support your company at every level. We can assist with setting up a completely new environment of Human Resources function to a revision of existing competencies, suggesting solutions to discovered deficiencies.

  • Business Planning

    We offer a full spectrum of business and company financial planning. From full business planning for multi million pound companies to the newest of start up businesses, each is supported in a unique way, which ensures the recipient feels engaged and “in contact” throughout the whole process.

  • Community Engagement

    As members of the institute for enterprise and entrepreneurs, we support the development not only of mentors but of mentees. This year we had the pleasure to mentor and engage with a group of Swansea University students as part of their final year business project.

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