About us


Fossitt Tremlow is an innovative business and management strategy consultancy focusing on start-up and growing S.M.E’s. Our entrepreneurial consultants have extensive experience in starting and managing small and medium enterprise with growth prospects. They have an actions and results focussed approach, hands on, to provide a no nonsense advice on business from an external perspective.Fossitt Tremlow LogoIn summary; Fossitt Tremlow presents crucial, critical advice, for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, enabling their clients to demolish business barriers to growth, maximising potential, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our philosophy:

In contemporary business, the process of continuation testing, reviewing and improving business processes is fundamental to the success or otherwise of a business. We call this approach, essentialism.

We believe that every successful business no matter how mature should always operate essentialism. The argument for this process overwhelmingly lies in the facts. If business is to maintain a competitive edge, it must keep reviewing and evaluating, improving and re- energising its business performance and offerings.
We work differently from other consultancies.

Normal practice for consultancies work by performing projects with a short-sighted, fee based mentality, stopping short of providing implementation and execution support.

We however, work as a business partner, sharing a vested interest alongside with owners, shareholders and the management team in the performance of the business.

Fossitt Tremlow is interested in working with business for the long term releasing a business to its full and true potential. Achieving this through delivery, practical, creative, often innovative and entrepreneurial solutions, we deliver tangible results, significantly higher returns on investment for the cost of the service provided. 

Many S.M.E’s have currently lost their way, are stagnating, becoming stale and struggling to find where the next idea may originate. We are able to plan a path, re-invigorate the direction of travel, creating a sense of energy and purpose, dynamism and creating value potential for the business.

Fossitt Tremlow employement law business consultants in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Address: 20A Thomas Street, Treharris, CF46 5LG Contact Number: 07578 167056 Email: fossitttremlow@live.co.uk 

Fossitt Tremlow employement law business consultants in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Address: 4 Fox Street, Treharris, CF46 5HU Contact Number: 01443 410001 Email: fossitttremlow@live.co.uk