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All employment law and especially employment law UK is a specialised area of business. Your employment law rights allow employment and law to be fully integrated into business. We hold a news page here on our website with the some of the latest articles on the employment law in UK.  Get the latest news

Fossitt Tremlow LogoH. R. and Employment Issues:

From Human resources strategies to specialist assistance at Employment Tribunals, we are able to support your company at every level. We can assist with setting up a completely new environment of Human Resources function to a revision of existing competencies, suggesting solutions to discovered deficiencies. From staff reviews through to disciplinary process, from advice on employment law to recognition of trade unions, recruitment to dismissals ,we can bring our experience to bear down on any problems encountered all matters involving Human Resources.
Contracts of employment:

We will supply standard, generic letters, contracts and procedural documents to one off company specific manuals, codes of practice and company handbooks with all policies, Health and safety, Fire, absence, payroll, charity etc. included. Our bespoke service offers your company industry leading documentation, policies and crucially keeps all your documentation current. We can also offer, subject to conditions, an insurance backed indemnification policy.

P.A.Y.E. / R.T.I.

We can assist with all aspects of payroll management and compliance issues, using our partner services software or in the case of smaller enterprise, utilising H.M.Governments RTI payroll software.

In our HR speciality we deal with all these areas with you, for you and guiding you, giving calm, critical, corporate advise on the question “what is employment law? For more information Contact us now


Fossitt Tremlow employement law business consultants in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Address: 20A Thomas Street, Treharris, CF46 5LG Contact Number: 07578 167056 Email: fossitttremlow@live.co.uk 

Fossitt Tremlow employement law business consultants in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom Address: 4 Fox Street, Treharris, CF46 5HU Contact Number: 01443 410001 Email: fossitttremlow@live.co.uk